What is Design on Demand?

Have you ever had that room that is missing something and you just can’t put your finger on what?

Have you spent hours searching for the perfect rug, or the lamp that is just the right size, with no success?

Design on Demand allows you to quickly solve your design dilemma.  

How does Design on Demand work?

Design on Demand is all digital! This allows the process to be efficient with your time – quickly finding you the perfect solution for your design needs.

-        Step 1: fill out this online style quiz

-        Step 2: fill out this online design survey (insert hyperlinks) .

-        Step 3: email 4-6 pictures of the space to: DesignOnDemand@mathedesign.com

-        Next you will receive an email from the staff of MMID with any additional questions we may have.

-        Within ONE WEEK from receipt of payment, you will receive an email with your PERSONALIZED Design Boards.  These Design Boards will include a minimum of three options. With these options you will also receive the source and retail price for your purchase.

-        If you prefer, MMID can handle the procurement of your item(s) for a small processing fee.

How much does Design on Demand Cost?

Design on Demand works off a flat rate system.

-        For a single item the fee is $75.00.

Each additional item is $50.00/item.

-        For a room, up to 10 items, the fee is $500.00

-        As an added service, MMID can procure your selected goodies for you at a rate of Cost + 20%.