Tips to: Get Your Home Ready for Back-To-School

tips to: Get your home
ready for back-to-school

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book." ~ Dr. Seuss


With the school season in full swing comes busy schedules and a lot of new activities. This gets us excited to create and find ways to show encouragement, get organized... and let's face it pick out some cute desk accessories too. Prepping for school isn't just for the backpack and classroom it's also for the home by continuing the learning environment and providing appropriate spaces and supplies. Make going back-to-school fun and easy for everyone with these simple tips.


clear the clutter


from counters

Create clean desk and homework areas that well define where tasks can easily get done. A clear desk equals a more free and creative mind. Store artwork and remarkable school work from the previous year in a clear bin in the attic, to be remembered. Recycle empty jars and repurpose or donate older paints, craft and school supplies.




get crafty and break out the glue gun

Make fun décor to get in the "School Spirit" with this perfect "Apple and Chalkboard" DIY Wreath. Have your kids help with creative decor projects which turn into great backdrops for pictures on the first day of school. This wreath is super easy. Start with a burlap ribbon base add floral apple accents that just poke into the ribbon. Glue the crayons on the chalk board, hand write Back-to-School and put it all together to hang.



use tools to

 stay organized

Keep supplies easy to reach and clearly labeled. Make organizing fun by using a label maker, chalk pens on chalkboards or markers on acrylic accessories. Personalize your space with monograms and name plate stickers. Strategically place magazine file holders, paper bins and desk sets so you can keep things orderly and tidy for simple productivity on a daily basis.


Photo Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

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Committing to stay organized does take time, make it fun and it will feel effortless!

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