Stylish Study Spaces For Every School Age

Stylish Study Spaces For Every School Age

“The more that you read, the more that you’ll know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~ Dr. Seuss

Opal House

Opal House

As everyone gets ready to go back-to-school in the prepping mode… buzzing around gathering new school supplies and fun new clothes. We relish in savoring the end of summer and look forward to a new season coming upon us. A reminder that schedules will have a new order and the idea of getting organized hits like in the Disney ‘Enchanted’ movie where Giselle is singing with the animals while cleaning up (wink, wink)… well maybe not completely. However parents raise excitement by getting their new Elementary students backpacks monogrammed while others are putting together new dorm essentials to spruce up the space of their recent graduates new adventures in college education. This may also happen to inspire the creation of new study spaces that can be personalized with style and functional organization, to keep the ho-hum out of the homework struggles. We’ve rounded up a bunch of desks, chairs and accessories to spark new decor ideas for your students study spaces.


Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids

Elementary Students are full of energy and excitement a lot of the time in their back-to-school adventures. Keeping arts and craft supplies well organized is essential for these young students. With all of the markers, pencils and notebooks to keep track of having defined areas to store them by using containers, helps reduce clutter and productivity.

Colorful furniture and accessories are eye catching… making a space feel more exciting to be in while focusing on daily projects.



Pottery Barn Teen

Pottery Barn Teen

As children age and enter Middle School and High School their desks and chairs need to accommodate for their larger bodies. A great time to pass their older furniture along or to be sold for new items. Thinking about the selection of these items and their longevity into High School graduation can be important. Depending on your needs you may find more cost effective furniture or decide to invest in an upgraded style or quality to be kept in the family long term.


At this age, girls especially may find organization to be exciting. Sparking enjoyment in picking out stylish accessories, as they become more independent in their studies and keeping their spaces tidy. By hanging wall organizers and incorporating desk accessories the clutter has a place to land besides the floor. Writing notes and displaying their favorite photos becomes a weekly ritual for family and friends to share in seeing.


As technology is a large part of daily life we’ve found some functional and stylish tech accessories that include USB and charging capabilities. If you’ve ever caught yourself talking to your teenager and realizing they didn’t hear a word you were saying because of their ear pods… you’re not alone.


Pottery Barn Teen

Pottery Barn Teen

Who said desk chairs have to be boring… sleek or super comfortable there is no need to sacrifice style in a home study space. Here are a few design inspired options to show a different side of the old “Office Chair”.




As designers we have special resources to find unique furniture pieces. If you’re interested in having one sourced we can find it.




As study, sleep and common space can often times become one in dorm settings. We’ve looked at a different take on where papers and projects can be accomplished. Imagine sitting in a comfy chair and pulling up a small side table for a laptop which can easily become a space where later people gather for social time or a study group. These C-tables and laptop carts provide a compact hard surface space that can be used for multiple purposes.


We’ve recently been enjoying helping a client design their daughters dorm space. Bringing elements of subtle color and texture into a space can give those smaller living and study areas a sense of style and personality. And with a little imagination a dorm or small apartment will feel more inviting and cozy to be in.

Pottery Barn Dorm

Pottery Barn Dorm

Going along with the idea of space become a minimum. We’ve thought of finding useful decor and accessories like storage ottomans and carts to store things and keep small objects out of walking paths… and shared spaces with other college roomies.


As back-to-school approaches we hope you find everything you need to make it a successful year. Tackling study spaces with a sense of design and style makes it all the more fun-ctional!

Melissa Mathe

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Watermelon: A Slice Of Summer

Watermelon: A Slice Of Summer

“When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.” ~ Mark Twain

Bonnie Plants

Bonnie Plants

The watermelon is the symbol of summer, especially in July. When taking a bite into a fresh juicy slice instantly you know it’s that time of year for barbecues and beach time. The perfect way to stay hydrated as the temperatures rise… this delicious favorite summer fruit is a healthy snack. It’s loaded with vitamins plus citrulline and lycopene, two amino acids linked to lower blood pressure, improved metabolic health, and decreased muscle soreness after exercise. If you’ve ever wondered about learning how to grow watermelons in your backyard… with all the home gardening being done at home now a days. We’ve linked an online source for you here at Bonnie Plants.

Kelly Golightly

Kelly Golightly

One thing that is quite easy to see with watermelon is its bright crimson pinkish red color. A great way to create a unique color pop in any room, this kitchen is the perfect example.

In our search for all things watermelon we’ve sourced some fun and inspired furniture, wall art, pillows and accessories. Like this graphic bar stool and watermelon seed credenza from Deny Designs. These pieces are both fun and splashy with a touch of out of the box thinking.


Evoke a summer seasonal vibe by adding watercolor or abstract art to a bathroom or children’s room. A lighthearted way to say “We like bold color without taking ourselves too seriously”.

Chango & Co.

Chango & Co.

Decorative throw pillows can easily be swapped out with summer themed accents in a subtle or more obvious way. We’ve sourced three examples below for you.


Create the unexpected with watermelon removable wall paper or cute wall sticker decals.

Etsy [ShopMejMej]

Etsy [ShopMejMej]



spiked watermelon punch

~ Soak watermelon slices in Citrus Vodka, chill
~ Mix equal parts 4 oz. of Watermelon Juice and Citrus Vodka with a shaker and chill
~ In the bottom of a glass pour together 1 shot each of Melon Liqueur and Kiwi Syrup
~ Fill the glass with ice and 4 oz. of Lemonade
~ Pour the watermelon infused juice over the top and place a slice of the vodka soaked watermelon on the edge of the rim of the glass


See how this drink was made in this video.

While entertaining for your summer soirées consider one of these watermelon inspired recipes. Click the sorbet and snack bite images to view the flavor-filled recipes. Your guests will be delighted to taste these sugary sweet combinations.

Now that the kids are out of school for the summer it’s time to frolic and play a while. We hope your porches and family picnics are filled with laughter and fruit-filled touches of the season.

Happy Summer!
Melissa Mathe

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Colorful Painted Doors To Love

Colorful Painted Doors To Love

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Along with the bursts of color in Springs freshly bloomed flowers and foliage. We couldn’t help but notice a number of newly painted colorful doors popping up while driving onsite to projects. With a new season comes the perfect time to change things up and refresh the curb appeal of your home. One of the most cost effective things to put into a house is paint. We’re sharing some of the colors we love and a few sources in case you happen to catch the color-pop door painting bug this Spring.

Nesting With Grace

Nesting With Grace

An inspirational and optimistic color… we could see this matching most greenery wreaths year round.

Sockeye (SW-6619) by Sherwin Williams

Sockeye SW 6619.jpg
Country Living  Photo: Brian Woodcock

Country Living Photo: Brian Woodcock

A sunny color to channel bright and new things in life.

Canary Yellow (PPG125-4) by Glidden

Glidden Canary Yellow_PPG125-4.png
Southern Living  Photo: Victor Manuel Sanchez

Southern Living Photo: Victor Manuel Sanchez

Make a bold statement with this conversation starter door paint color. This paint gets its vibrant and eye catching punch by adding a high lacquer finish to it.

Gentleman’s Gray (2062-20) by Benjamin Moore

Gentleman's Gray 2062-20 Benjamin Moore.png
Burmingham Home and Garden  Photo: Jean Allsopp

Burmingham Home and Garden Photo: Jean Allsopp

This unique shade of green gives off the right amount of restrained but yet stately presence.

Similar Color Manor Green (2047-20) by Benjamin Moore

Manor Green 2047-20 Benjamin Moore.png
House and Home

House and Home

A color as posh as this London door front is seemingly timeless.

Similar Color Spring Sky (674) by Benjamin Moore

Spring Sky 674_Benjamin Moore.png
Domino Magazine  Photo: Molly Winters

Domino Magazine Photo: Molly Winters

The vivid red-orange color pop against the stark whitewash exterior and rich green shrubbery, creates a vibrant tone to this entrance.

Tangerine Dream (2012-30) Benjamin Moore

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

The arched doorway accented with a pristine mid-toned blue matches the potted flowers perfectly. This certainly makes for a fine provincial entrance.

Similar Color Regale Blue (SW6801) Sherwin Williams

Regale Blue SW6801_SherwinWilliams.png


Although it may be challenging to recreate this dreamy Greek Isle setting and the perfect coastal color scheme. This aegean blue color is painted into the architectural landscape there and can take any entry to another transcending level.

Similar Color St. Giles Blue (No.280) by Farrow & Ball

StGilesBlue No 280_Farrow&Ball.png
Luxe Interiors + Design  Photo: Karyn Millet

Luxe Interiors + Design Photo: Karyn Millet

A bright seafoam green color painted on this farmhouse barn door adorns the entrance of a contemporary stylish California beach house. An updated color blend which gives a home a light and bright vibe.

Similar Color Jocular Green (SW6736) Sherwin Williams

Jocular Green SW6736_SherwinWilliams.png

Color doesn’t have to be intimidating, it can be a fun journey to transform the way you and your guests feel entering your home. As an Interior Designer we service clients frequently that are interested in paint consultations. So grab some paint samples with us and take the exhilarating plunge into a life lived in color.

Cheers to Spring!

Melissa Mathe

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