Watermelon: A Slice Of Summer

Watermelon: A Slice Of Summer

“When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.” ~ Mark Twain

Bonnie Plants

Bonnie Plants

The watermelon is the symbol of summer, especially in July. When taking a bite into a fresh juicy slice instantly you know it’s that time of year for barbecues and beach time. The perfect way to stay hydrated as the temperatures rise… this delicious favorite summer fruit is a healthy snack. It’s loaded with vitamins plus citrulline and lycopene, two amino acids linked to lower blood pressure, improved metabolic health, and decreased muscle soreness after exercise. If you’ve ever wondered about learning how to grow watermelons in your backyard… with all the home gardening being done at home now a days. We’ve linked an online source for you here at Bonnie Plants.

Kelly Golightly

Kelly Golightly

One thing that is quite easy to see with watermelon is its bright crimson pinkish red color. A great way to create a unique color pop in any room, this kitchen is the perfect example.

In our search for all things watermelon we’ve sourced some fun and inspired furniture, wall art, pillows and accessories. Like this graphic bar stool and watermelon seed credenza from Deny Designs. These pieces are both fun and splashy with a touch of out of the box thinking.


Evoke a summer seasonal vibe by adding watercolor or abstract art to a bathroom or children’s room. A lighthearted way to say “We like bold color without taking ourselves too seriously”.

Chango & Co.

Chango & Co.

Decorative throw pillows can easily be swapped out with summer themed accents in a subtle or more obvious way. We’ve sourced three examples below for you.


Create the unexpected with watermelon removable wall paper or cute wall sticker decals.

Etsy [ShopMejMej]

Etsy [ShopMejMej]



spiked watermelon punch

~ Soak watermelon slices in Citrus Vodka, chill
~ Mix equal parts 4 oz. of Watermelon Juice and Citrus Vodka with a shaker and chill
~ In the bottom of a glass pour together 1 shot each of Melon Liqueur and Kiwi Syrup
~ Fill the glass with ice and 4 oz. of Lemonade
~ Pour the watermelon infused juice over the top and place a slice of the vodka soaked watermelon on the edge of the rim of the glass


See how this drink was made in this video.

While entertaining for your summer soirées consider one of these watermelon inspired recipes. Click the sorbet and snack bite images to view the flavor-filled recipes. Your guests will be delighted to taste these sugary sweet combinations.

Now that the kids are out of school for the summer it’s time to frolic and play a while. We hope your porches and family picnics are filled with laughter and fruit-filled touches of the season.

Happy Summer!
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Color Inspiration: Living Coral Pantone Color of the Year 2019

Color Inspiration: Living Coral
Pantone® Color Of The Year 2019

“Colours are the smiles of nature.” ~ James Henry Leigh Hunt


With each new year comes the anticipated announcement of Pantones new color of the year. Much like waiting to open new presents during the holidays… in early December the color trend forecast is made. To our excitement the 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral 16-1546. As a global influencer in color systems Pantone sets color trend standards in multiple industries for fashion, home furnishings, industrial design, as well as product, packaging and graphic design.


A vivid color inspiration choice that mesmerizes the eye and mind with an optimistic fresh and cheerful presence. Durived from marine and sea life as well as present in our daily digital imagery. This warm, peachy color with golden undertones nurtures and supports other colors in it’s midst and fulfills the desire for playful expression. It also happens to be one of our favorite colors… so adding this “it” color into our clients interior projects is a welcomed second nature.

Here are a few sources that we love who embody this color in their product lines. A visionary designer – Annie Selke has offered quality Dash & Albert rugs and luxurious Pine Cone Hill sheets and bedding for over 25 years. Providing happy colorways to fill your home with joy, the herringbone and striped area rugs and throw blanket are the right pop of this color. The ‘Farm Girl’ painting done by the well studied Taelor Fisher is full of this fresh Living Coral “Color of the Year”. A prime example of the way this color attracts your eye as well as creating harmony with other colors.

Photo Dec 05, 11 08 18 AM.jpg

In a recently designed clients living room we included this bright color in the shown color palette. You can see some of the ways we balanced the room out with fabrics, furnishings and wallcovering. As the ivory and blue in the geometric wallcovering and sofa compliment the backdrop of the sand linen color in the area rug. The coral and green colors in the chair upholstery and throw pillow fabrics add a playful vibrance giving the space liveliness and balance.

Color Palette

Photo Dec 05, 11 09 44 AM.jpg

We are delighted to introduce this new color inspiration to you and hope you enjoy the examples we’ve shared. We hope you find special ways to incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 - Living Coral in your interiors and surroundings this year.


Melissa Mathe

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