Spring High Point Market: Highlights and Trends

Spring High Point Market: Highlights and Trends

“Spring is a time for plans and projects.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

It’s Spring… and the time of year that Mathe Design visits the High Point Market in North Carolina, a bi-annual market where furniture and lighting manufacturers, show designers from all of the world what’s new and noteworthy. This event is always memorable and a whirlwind of excitement from top to bottom. Filled with appointments with local reps., visiting showrooms, seeing demonstrations, and hearing keynote panels it’s a sure thing that you leave full of inspiration and needing an Epsom salt foot soak. After seeing the latest and greatest we’ve collected some ideas on what we are seeing for trends this year.

Trend: Lucite

Lucite is everywhere! It’s very interesting how the focus of lucite seen on different applications has shifted this year. We noticed this at market on console panels, chair legs, bed rails and pulls. This look intensifies the appeal of a piece of furniture to be more eye catching, custom and luxurious.

Trend: Mixed Materials

Whether it’s mixed metals, natural materials or inlays… you name it a mix of materials was definitely noticed. This treatment creates a uniqueness that draws interest to something new and different to feast your eyes on.

Trend: Natural Materials and Wood

Natural Materials are really having their moment in Interior Decor… being used in new and inventive design applications taking them to the next level. Making a statement in so many areas of furnishings with lighting, chairs, tables, chaise lounges, beds, side tables, wall decor and more. We’re highlighting some new and different things that caught our attention to potentially weave into the Mathe Design classic contemporary style. Live edge wood tables and organic wood looks were also showing a presence with mirrors and table bases bringing added texture into a room design.

The natural material lighting became a whole new experience with different rattan, seagrass, cat tail and the hand woven techniques used. We learned about the added Eco-friendly lighting designs to be friendly to the environment and sourced in non-harmful ways. The fabrication involves a lower level of energy, it’s biodegradable and also non toxic. Generally speaking this material has a long life and is sustainable. We think these incredible designs are yet the best part of these materials.

We also noticed some unique ways that natural materials and wood were used in the design of furniture pieces. Such as woven benches, small round wood stacked vertically used to make side tables. You can see some of these creative examples below.

Trend: Jewel Tones

In every corner at market there were groupings of jewel tones popping up in oranges, blues, reds and purples on art, rugs, fabrics and pillows. A unique way we saw these jewel tones being used was in the use of colored mirrors. Imagine looking into your bathroom mirror as if you are the centerpiece of a finely cut emerald. Who is the fairest of them all, now? You.

And rugs are even more luxurious with these rich jewel tones. Allowing them to really ground a space bringing it to life.

Trend: Nesting Tables

A highlight to mention were unique nesting tables that are more of a horizontal format then the widely seen vertical grouping that can slide out creating a layering effect. These unique nesting tables are beautiful and have a sense of timelessness to them. They add flexibility and character to your living room.

Spring High Point Market is a definite highlight of the season for designers. We’re excited to share with you the new finds and exciting inspiration that Mathe Design spotted while trend watching there.

Cheers to Spring!

Melissa Mathe

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Celebrating Black History Month: Designers Of Color

Celebrating Black History Month: Designers Of Color

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” ~Dr. Mae Jemison
First African-American Female Astronaut


As a nationally acclaimed fashion-forward interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins has made great strides in the industry. His twist on traditional interiors includes vibrantly colored layered patterns to create architecturally inspired spaces that are elegant, imaginative and timeless. Jenkins’ hometown of Birmingham, Michigan is where his original studio is located. In 2018 Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates expanded by branching out with the opening of a second office in New York City’s Flatiron District.

Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates – DXV Set Vignette

Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates – DXV Set Vignette

Jenkins’ client projects have taken him throughout the United States in Michigan, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas and Nevada, and Internationally in Toronto, Canada. Honored with the Traditional Home’s “New Trad” Rising Star Design Award. His brand has expanded to introduce product design with Leathercraft elegant home furnishings and a lighting collection with Hudson Valley Lighting. Which is the first designer collaboration in the brand’s history.


A trailblazing black architect who wanted to be considered as an individual rather than a member of a race. As a master of many styles he helped shape the architectural history of Los Angeles. Designing thousands of buildings in his five decade career, including the The Beverly Hills Hotel and many homes to the stars. Paul Revere Williams was born in Los Angeles on February 4th, 1894. Despite losing both of his parents by the age of four to tuberculosis and being the only black child in his elementary school. Williams was fortunate to have been placed in the home of a foster mother who dedicated her life to his education and the nurturing of his artistic talents.

Paul Revere Williams was advised against pursuing a career in architecture while in high school being told that white clients would not want a black architect and that there were not enough black clients who could afford one either. As the first black architect to graduate from USC in 1914. Williams persevered and went on to prove his legacy by being awarded the AIA's 2017 Gold Medal, the highest annual honor recognizing individuals whose work has had a lasting influence on architecture.

Residence at Ponet Drive in Hollywood, Ca

Residence at Ponet Drive in Hollywood, Ca


Internationally celebrated for his extraordinary creations as an event designer, Preston Bailey has established himself with a large number of A-list clients. Named by Vogue Magazine as one of the best wedding designers in the world. Baileys’ passion for creating designs beyond imagination has brought his wonderful creations into the public spotlight with a number of art installations showcased in New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taiwan and London. It’s easy to say that Preston Bailey’s fabulous fete creations are an inspiration that seem limitless and beyond imagination.

While things may seem to have come easily for Preston Bailey he has had quite a journey in his success. Born in Panama in the late 1940’s, Bailey grew up with little money or access to higher education. He left Panama at the age of 19 to go to New York City in hopes of becoming an accountant. Bailey being tall and quite handsome began to get jobs as a fashion model. His work in fashion led him to making a next career move creating and delivering weekly flower arrangements for his interior design friends, Vicente Wolf and Bob Patinos’ New York client list. Having learned how to manage and develop a global business over the years by making plenty of mistakes, Preston Bailey has now widely become an authority in his field of aesthetics and style.


We hope you have enjoyed learning more about these amazing designers and are inspired by how their tenacity, hard work and greatness has shined through touching lives around the world.


Melissa Mathe

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