Spring High Point Market: Highlights and Trends

Spring High Point Market: Highlights and Trends

“Spring is a time for plans and projects.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

It’s Spring… and the time of year that Mathe Design visits the High Point Market in North Carolina, a bi-annual market where furniture and lighting manufacturers, show designers from all of the world what’s new and noteworthy. This event is always memorable and a whirlwind of excitement from top to bottom. Filled with appointments with local reps., visiting showrooms, seeing demonstrations, and hearing keynote panels it’s a sure thing that you leave full of inspiration and needing an Epsom salt foot soak. After seeing the latest and greatest we’ve collected some ideas on what we are seeing for trends this year.

Trend: Lucite

Lucite is everywhere! It’s very interesting how the focus of lucite seen on different applications has shifted this year. We noticed this at market on console panels, chair legs, bed rails and pulls. This look intensifies the appeal of a piece of furniture to be more eye catching, custom and luxurious.

Trend: Mixed Materials

Whether it’s mixed metals, natural materials or inlays… you name it a mix of materials was definitely noticed. This treatment creates a uniqueness that draws interest to something new and different to feast your eyes on.

Trend: Natural Materials and Wood

Natural Materials are really having their moment in Interior Decor… being used in new and inventive design applications taking them to the next level. Making a statement in so many areas of furnishings with lighting, chairs, tables, chaise lounges, beds, side tables, wall decor and more. We’re highlighting some new and different things that caught our attention to potentially weave into the Mathe Design classic contemporary style. Live edge wood tables and organic wood looks were also showing a presence with mirrors and table bases bringing added texture into a room design.

The natural material lighting became a whole new experience with different rattan, seagrass, cat tail and the hand woven techniques used. We learned about the added Eco-friendly lighting designs to be friendly to the environment and sourced in non-harmful ways. The fabrication involves a lower level of energy, it’s biodegradable and also non toxic. Generally speaking this material has a long life and is sustainable. We think these incredible designs are yet the best part of these materials.

We also noticed some unique ways that natural materials and wood were used in the design of furniture pieces. Such as woven benches, small round wood stacked vertically used to make side tables. You can see some of these creative examples below.

Trend: Jewel Tones

In every corner at market there were groupings of jewel tones popping up in oranges, blues, reds and purples on art, rugs, fabrics and pillows. A unique way we saw these jewel tones being used was in the use of colored mirrors. Imagine looking into your bathroom mirror as if you are the centerpiece of a finely cut emerald. Who is the fairest of them all, now? You.

And rugs are even more luxurious with these rich jewel tones. Allowing them to really ground a space bringing it to life.

Trend: Nesting Tables

A highlight to mention were unique nesting tables that are more of a horizontal format then the widely seen vertical grouping that can slide out creating a layering effect. These unique nesting tables are beautiful and have a sense of timelessness to them. They add flexibility and character to your living room.

Spring High Point Market is a definite highlight of the season for designers. We’re excited to share with you the new finds and exciting inspiration that Mathe Design spotted while trend watching there.

Cheers to Spring!

Melissa Mathe

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Color Inspiration: Living Coral Pantone Color of the Year 2019

Color Inspiration: Living Coral
Pantone® Color Of The Year 2019

“Colours are the smiles of nature.” ~ James Henry Leigh Hunt


With each new year comes the anticipated announcement of Pantones new color of the year. Much like waiting to open new presents during the holidays… in early December the color trend forecast is made. To our excitement the 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral 16-1546. As a global influencer in color systems Pantone sets color trend standards in multiple industries for fashion, home furnishings, industrial design, as well as product, packaging and graphic design.


A vivid color inspiration choice that mesmerizes the eye and mind with an optimistic fresh and cheerful presence. Durived from marine and sea life as well as present in our daily digital imagery. This warm, peachy color with golden undertones nurtures and supports other colors in it’s midst and fulfills the desire for playful expression. It also happens to be one of our favorite colors… so adding this “it” color into our clients interior projects is a welcomed second nature.

Here are a few sources that we love who embody this color in their product lines. A visionary designer – Annie Selke has offered quality Dash & Albert rugs and luxurious Pine Cone Hill sheets and bedding for over 25 years. Providing happy colorways to fill your home with joy, the herringbone and striped area rugs and throw blanket are the right pop of this color. The ‘Farm Girl’ painting done by the well studied Taelor Fisher is full of this fresh Living Coral “Color of the Year”. A prime example of the way this color attracts your eye as well as creating harmony with other colors.

Photo Dec 05, 11 08 18 AM.jpg

In a recently designed clients living room we included this bright color in the shown color palette. You can see some of the ways we balanced the room out with fabrics, furnishings and wallcovering. As the ivory and blue in the geometric wallcovering and sofa compliment the backdrop of the sand linen color in the area rug. The coral and green colors in the chair upholstery and throw pillow fabrics add a playful vibrance giving the space liveliness and balance.

Color Palette

Photo Dec 05, 11 09 44 AM.jpg

We are delighted to introduce this new color inspiration to you and hope you enjoy the examples we’ve shared. We hope you find special ways to incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 - Living Coral in your interiors and surroundings this year.


Melissa Mathe

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Melissa Mathe Interior Design: A Year In Review

Melissa Mathe Interior Design
– A Year In Review –

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

We’re taking a look back at 2018 and the many projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on with our wonderful clients. Just like each new year a new project has it’s hopes and expectations and most often times the finished result is even better than envisioned. We love talking with our clients about how they wish to use a new space and how they want it to feel. While each project has it’s new adventures and obstacles to overcome we cherish the laughs and victories along the way. Whether a client wants to show a more stylish side of themselves or simply have more functioning light and flow in their space. We guide them on a journey helping to make their interior design dreams and visions come true. Here’s a look inside the highlights of 2018


We started the year out showing design concepts to work on furnishing a new custom built home with large spaces to be filled. Beautifully coffered ceilings and a blank slate were outfitted with a light palette in mink and muted blue. The before and after of the entryway show it’s grand nature, with neutral tones and clean finishes to make an elegant statement.

As the construction was complete in the spring we were ready to start installing. In the dining room the accent color painted in the tray ceiling along with a paint-style patterned custom drapery fabric give the space an uplifted serenity.


This past spring the Mathe Design team attended High Point Market taking in new inspiring finds for the season. Connecting with other designers and meeting with our manufacturer reps to see more details about whats available to designers.

Spring Market is a highlight of the year as designers enjoy time amongst others in our industry… as you can see we have our fair share of fun there too. Shortly after spring market we wrapped up a kitchen remodel that had been in conception since the previous fall. This refreshed crisp classic kitchen is now equipped with brand new custom built cabinetry and an updated dining space.

Photography by Ansel Olson

Along with several client installs this year we have had a pretty large project that’s been underway since May 2018. This project is a home renovation that includes eighty percent of the home. A full master bathroom and master closet area renovation is a major part of the project. Most of the other rooms with exception to the kitchen have new lighting, furnishing and rugs. As we come to the completion of a few of these projects into 2019 we’ll get house tour images up to show you.

While we had been serving our clients Melissa Mathe Interior Design also entered into a presentation for a room design at the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House 2018. To our excitement we were selected to design a bedroom upstairs in the recently restored historical victorian mansion – Holly Lawn. This started the adventure of bringing together the classic contemporary black and white room design to show during the event. We were more then ecstatic to have the honor of working alongside other esteemed Virginia designers at this charitable event, a definite highlight of 2018.

We’re also excited to share the honorable mentions Melissa Mathe Interior Design humbly received in 2018 press with you.


a new face in the mathe design office

This fall Charlie, the Mathe family’s new puppy, joined the shenanigans in design. Wrapping up a project filled 2018!

A warm thank you to our wonderful clients, vendors, reps, crew and design team for helping us to make 2018 a big success.  Melissa Mathe Interior Design appreciates all of your support and warm friendships.

From our office to you have a safe and Happy Holiday – Cheers to 2019!

Melissa Mathe

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

A Breath Of Fresh Air

"Despite the forecast, live like it's SPRING" ~ Lilly Pulitzer

1) Turquoise Sconces   2) Acrylic Mirror   3) Blue Sofa   4) Lilac Accent Bowl   5) Oblong Motif Garden Stool   6) Driftwood Club Chair   7) Multicolored Rug   8) Decorative Pillow Set   9) Abstract Fine Art

We hope you enjoy this colorful room scheme and have a Happy Easter.


Melissa Mathe

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Sham-Rock Your Space with Gorgeous Green Decor

Sham-rock Your Space With Gorgeous Green Decor

"St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic" ~ Adrienne Cook

Camile Styles

Camile Styles

As we celebrate the month of March and the turning of the season.  We are inspired by watching nature wake up from it's long winters nap.  Suddenly pops of green are more vibrant and lively,  daffodils appear and what was windy and cold turns warm... sun drenched.  We invite you to take a nod from the start of Spring and this coming weekends festive holiday to color your world with shades of green — the color of nature and a restful color for the eye.

Add these decor items into  your space and you will be ready to rock into this Spring with something new and colorful to enjoy.


Melissa Mathe

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Trending: Sophisticated Cottage

Trending: Sophisticated Cottage

"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul" ~ Kate Choppin

Here are details for the furniture and finishes we've shared in this - Sophisticated Cottage trending style.

Nadine Winged Headboard  /  Sheffield Strip Rug  /   Margate Shell Mirror  /  Lauralie Capiz Shell Lamp  /  Brett Iron Table  / Ming White Lacquered Dresser Miller Lantern  /  Bell Navy Blue Lacquered Desk


Melissa Mathe

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Design Crush: On Bedside Tables

design crush: on bedside tables

"Keep a notebook and pencil on your bedside table.Million-dollar ideas sometimes strike at 3 A.M." ~ Jackson Brown

We're seeing fresh things in bedside tables... Lacquer with it's glossy elegant finish is catching limelight and sure to elevate the nighttime book in hand unwind. Specialty hardware and bases in different metallic finishes such as gold leafed bamboo pulls, chrome tassel pulls and brass bases show off a sense of refinement. Current textured finishes that fascinate us are the pearl like capiz shell drawer fronts and wrapped geometric grasscloth. These luxurious finishes and intriguing textures create furniture that feels custom, fresh and eye catching.


Here's a detailed list of these nightstands 1) Marcus from Worlds Away  2) Adagio from Bernhardt 3) Hedy Regency from Kathy Kuo Home  4) Brigitte from Bungalow 5  5) Cooper from Worlds Away  6) Nantucket from Bungalow 5  7)Brittany from Bungalow 5  8) Loren+End table from Wayfair.


Melissa Mathe

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Pumpkin Spice Up Your Space


"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

For information on the items shown above click on these links: athena laurel leaf mirror, chunky rug, colorful throw, knit pouf, gold vases, colorful zig zag pillow, greek key lumbar pillow, gold wire basket, lamp, dish towel and potholder, place card pumpkins

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Melissa Mathe

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