Artist Spotlight: Liza Pruitt, Art Dealer

Artist Spotlight: Liza Pruitt
– Art Dealer –

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” ~ Anni Albers"

Melissa Mathe Interior Design works with multiple artists to find the right piece of art for a space. Whether it be a piece from an artists collection or a commissioned piece, there are lots of options for finding the right piece of art which can feel overwhelming. Not only do we have relationships with artists, but also we work with art dealers to procure these pieces. One of our local art dealers is Liza Pruitt. This week we have spoken with Liza to bring you a little more insight to what an art dealer is and how are they helpful in finding the right piece of art for your space.

Liza is a Savannah-born, Richmonder who works with artists to ensure designers and clients find the perfect piece for their space. She represents an ever-growing artist collective full of talent. It’s easy to see why the LP collection is taking off, Liza has a passion for collecting art as well as a passion for “connecting people with the art that speaks their language”.

TELL US MORE! We’ve interviewed Liza and have a lot of fun things to share…

1- When did you first know you had a love and passion for Art Work?
I grew up among authentic, original artwork my whole life. My mother and my grandmother both had an eye for beautiful artwork. Therefore, my appreciation started at a young age, but it wasn’t until my husband and I bought our first house 7 years ago that I started to collect artwork. I knew then that surrounding our walls with art made me feel right at home. 

2- What do you look for in Artists you represent and how do you find their artwork? 
I primarily work with emerging artists whose artwork speaks to me. The artists I work with I am passionate about and proud to call friends. The collective has become a community of strong women + men. An artist’s story just as an important to me. I discover artists from my travels, word of mouth, and of course social media!

3- Tell us more about your framing options…are their any framing trends you’ve seen for 2019?
Frame of Mind – in Richmond, Va is my go to framing guru. Inge and Miranda always have the best frames and suggestions. Right now I love floating paper pieces on linen with a classic gold or silver frame depending on the artwork colors. With canvas - I love a simple floating frame.

4- Do you have a personal collection of artwork you could share more about with us… what is your style influenced by.
Yes! I have filled my walls with artists I work with but also artists I have met throughout the years. To name a few: Renee Bouchon, Elaine Burge, Raven Roxanne, Blakely Little, Anna Vaughn Kincheloe (yes I own 8 of her pieces :)), Claiborne Riley, Theodora Miller, Caroline Pinney plus more. I believe art gives a voice to the walls we surround ourselves with. Each and every piece I have collected has a story and meaning to me. 


Elaine Burge Art: commissioned painting of Liza’s sweet dog Huntley

5- Are there any upcoming events on the calendar this Spring/Summer to showcase artists you represent and their work?
I am heading to High Point Market this weekend. In celebration of the gallery’s debut, I have collaborated with Pearson Furniture Company, Kim Scodro Interiors, and Kerry Hays Art to curate 16 pieces that will fill the walls of a beautiful showroom at this Spring’s High Point Market (April 6- 10). As one of Liza Pruitt Collective’s represented artists, Kerry Hays worked with me to create custom artwork that coordinates with Kim Scodro’s exclusive collection with Pearson Furniture Company. 
I will also be showcasing 6 of my artists in Norfolk Academy’s Annual Art Show later this month/May.

6- Who would be a dream client of yours? 
I love working and meeting all different kinds of people/styles. My job is to source a piece that meets my client’s needs. Therefore, every client I have worked with has given me a challenge to find the perfect piece and I love the feeling of presenting a piece that truly speaks to them! 

7- What is your favorite travel destination?

Hope Town, Elbow Cays, Bahamas or Jackson Hole, WY. Both hold dear memories close to my heart. 

8- Are there any particular art museums around the world you’ve been to that are a favorite to revisit?
I love more connecting with the artists and visiting their studios. Learning about the process and their story. This has created more of a connection for me. But other galleries that I truly admire and love is Anne Irwin Gallery and Greg Irby Gallery both located in Atlanta, Ga. They represent some amazing artists.

the artist collective

Original art in all of its authenticity – featuring a selection of talent represented by LP.







To read more about these amazing artists and see a bigger picture of Liza Pruitts Collective… CLICK THIS LINK

Cheers to the magic behind beautiful spaces adorned with beautiful art work!

Melissa Mathe

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