Artist Spotlight: Jill Seale

Artist Spotlight: Jill Seale

The creative process is captivating! One must leap off the cliff of “what is”, into a flight of fancy of “what could be.” ~ Jill Seale


We are excited to share an Artist Spotlight on the blog featuring the talented product and textile designer Jill Seale. Bringing her love for design and creativity to the world from her studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Launching her product offerings at the Hight Point Market in 2017. Since then the Jill Seale Design Studio has won numerous awards and praise in the gifting and home decor industry. Her goal in sharing her designs is to uplift others and inspire with lively patterns and colors expressed through a journey in learning the historic art form of marbling.

Jill Seale products are sold world-wide through manufacturers, fine boutiques and leading retailers. You can see Jill at work and more about her behind the scenes marbling technique here. Melissa Mathe Interior Design has had the pleasure of collaborating with Jill Seale in our room design at the Richmond RSOL Designer House of 2018 and in our client projects.

Here are some of the product offerings in the Jill Seale Design Studio.

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Jill Seale and asking her some questions to share with you.

1) How did you get your start in textile design?
Seale: My background is in product design where textiles was a minor part and I've always wanted to design textiles for home. It may be mom studied textile design at the Cleveland Institute of Art but got married and that was the end of that! We joke she outsourced it to me. When I studied my passion of paper marbling in Florence I felt I found my unique voice in textiles.

2) We know you traveled to Italy and were inspired to create marbling which led to many of your designs.
What is your favorite part of Italy and why? How often do you get to travel back to Italy?  
Seale: While I love all of Italy, Florence owns me. I can't say why exactly but I feel a deep resonance with SOUL. That's the only word I can come up with to describe the feeling. It's the birthplace of the Renaissance and every inch of the city and buildings and art carry an imprint of someone who created, carved, painted, architecturally designed, and built it.  I am especially enamored with the tiny ateliers where artisans create and sell their work. In Italy art is given the proper time it takes to be created with care and craftsmanship. There truly is something about Italian-made quality and it reinforces my belief to honor the care and time good design deserves.  I do an annual pilgrimage to immerse in that way of life and refresh my artist soul. 

3) What do you love most about creating textiles?
Seale: I love: the process of exploration in creating art,  the chance that is involved with that and being present to identify what would make a good design. I love hand-creating a repeat pattern, seeing a pattern come to life in other products such as wallcovering, trays, lampshades, tabletop. I love seeing how designers, furniture, rug, apparel and gift manufacturers envision uses for my designs, and I love bringing the ancient art of marbling and the human element of hand illustration and painting into the home in a prominent way. In other "word", EVERYTHING. 

 4) What do you find to be challenging and also rewarding about textile design?
Seale: I don't even recognize 'challenging' because everything is just part of the process and I roll. If I HAD to say, it's paring down the final selections for each release. Rewarding? By far the relationships with the wonderful people I've met in this industry. It's also rewarding to witness the delight in those who embrace my work and being able to work directly with designers and manufacturers to provide (sometimes custom) uplifting designs and solutions that people live with.  It's extremely rewarding to be able to share this journey with my Mom, as her textile design ambassador!

5) Do you have a favorite pattern that you have created in your designs?
Seale: Each design was selected because I love something special about it, but a design that is extra special to me is Tuscan Sunset which was created in Florence and was my first design selected for my foray into furniture with Wesley Hall Furniture. 

6) What major events do you love to attend to share your products?
Seale: High Point Market has been my launch pad and with two shows a year, it keeps me busy. It is the only show I currently do other than the occasional small gift show. 

 7) Do you have any new products on the horizon that you can share? (Melissa loves her pair of Banksy patterned pants)  Seale: Go Banksy! With my product design background I can't help but always be thinking of new applications (spots on this leopard!) I'm deepening my home decor offerings and have some things in the works for outside of home! Stay tuned!

 8) Any words of advice for designers who are just starting out in textiles?
Seale: Find your own voice. Tell your own story. Don't pay attention to trends - they come, they go.  Everyone appreciates an original vision. Listen to what designers are asking for, but give the unexpected right along with it. 

High Point Market 2018

High Point Market 2018

High Point Market 2018

High Point Market 2018

In developing the room design at the RSOL Designer House 2018 Melissa Mathe wanted to incorporate designs from local and east coast artists and designers. Having been introduced to Jill Seale at High Point Market she was over the moon excited about using the “Banksy” design to help complete her black and white classic contemporary room design. Having custom made roman shades and duvets to outfit the windows and beds. A high topic of conversation during the event room tours.

Using a belgium cotton fabric for the window draperies in the “Mixed Metals” design was the perfect pairing to create interest in our clients office space in their newly constructed custom built home. A lovely balance in the combination of neutral decor and contemporary design.

At the 2019 Las Vegas Market, Jill Seale and Company C launched the preview of the new Jill Seale rug designs introduced in their line. Along with a demo of her technique to show market attendees. An exciting addition to Jill’s home decor product designs.

Company C and Jill Seale at Las Vegas Market 2019

Company C and Jill Seale at Las Vegas Market 2019

Company C and Jill Seale at Las Vegas Market 2019

Company C and Jill Seale at Las Vegas Market 2019

We love sharing the special talents and products from designers close to our area and close to our heart. It has been a special treat to develop our relationship with Jill Seale. We hope you enjoy learning more about her designs and why we love them so much.


Melissa Mathe

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Melissa Mathe Interior Design: A Year In Review

Melissa Mathe Interior Design
– A Year In Review –

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

We’re taking a look back at 2018 and the many projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on with our wonderful clients. Just like each new year a new project has it’s hopes and expectations and most often times the finished result is even better than envisioned. We love talking with our clients about how they wish to use a new space and how they want it to feel. While each project has it’s new adventures and obstacles to overcome we cherish the laughs and victories along the way. Whether a client wants to show a more stylish side of themselves or simply have more functioning light and flow in their space. We guide them on a journey helping to make their interior design dreams and visions come true. Here’s a look inside the highlights of 2018


We started the year out showing design concepts to work on furnishing a new custom built home with large spaces to be filled. Beautifully coffered ceilings and a blank slate were outfitted with a light palette in mink and muted blue. The before and after of the entryway show it’s grand nature, with neutral tones and clean finishes to make an elegant statement.

As the construction was complete in the spring we were ready to start installing. In the dining room the accent color painted in the tray ceiling along with a paint-style patterned custom drapery fabric give the space an uplifted serenity.


This past spring the Mathe Design team attended High Point Market taking in new inspiring finds for the season. Connecting with other designers and meeting with our manufacturer reps to see more details about whats available to designers.

Spring Market is a highlight of the year as designers enjoy time amongst others in our industry… as you can see we have our fair share of fun there too. Shortly after spring market we wrapped up a kitchen remodel that had been in conception since the previous fall. This refreshed crisp classic kitchen is now equipped with brand new custom built cabinetry and an updated dining space.

Photography by Ansel Olson

Along with several client installs this year we have had a pretty large project that’s been underway since May 2018. This project is a home renovation that includes eighty percent of the home. A full master bathroom and master closet area renovation is a major part of the project. Most of the other rooms with exception to the kitchen have new lighting, furnishing and rugs. As we come to the completion of a few of these projects into 2019 we’ll get house tour images up to show you.

While we had been serving our clients Melissa Mathe Interior Design also entered into a presentation for a room design at the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House 2018. To our excitement we were selected to design a bedroom upstairs in the recently restored historical victorian mansion – Holly Lawn. This started the adventure of bringing together the classic contemporary black and white room design to show during the event. We were more then ecstatic to have the honor of working alongside other esteemed Virginia designers at this charitable event, a definite highlight of 2018.

We’re also excited to share the honorable mentions Melissa Mathe Interior Design humbly received in 2018 press with you.


a new face in the mathe design office

This fall Charlie, the Mathe family’s new puppy, joined the shenanigans in design. Wrapping up a project filled 2018!

A warm thank you to our wonderful clients, vendors, reps, crew and design team for helping us to make 2018 a big success.  Melissa Mathe Interior Design appreciates all of your support and warm friendships.

From our office to you have a safe and Happy Holiday – Cheers to 2019!

Melissa Mathe

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